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The Karen McPhillips School of Highland Dancing is located in the Sydney suburbs of Penshurst and Bankstown, NSW, Australia. The school teaches both boys and girls from 3 years of age.
Highland Dancing

Highland dancing is a form of Celtic Scottish Dancing and is different from Scottish Country Dancing. The country dancing is more social dancing performed in groups. Highland dancing for the most part is performed solo. Students can do exams, competitions and displays or just learn for fun and exercise. Highland Dance is a traditional style of dancing from Scotland. It is one of two dance forms in the world that are danced entirely on the ball of the foot. The music is played on the bagpipes and the dancer usually wears a kilt. Performing the dances within the community is becoming more popular with the growing knowledge of this dance form and the appreciation of the skills necessary.

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Highland dancing is very vigorous and it requires flexibility, strength, agility, and lots of stamina. Highland dances require both athletic and artistic skill and are danced both informally and in competition. Long hours of practice are required for a dancer to become proficient enough to dance the intricate figures, lightly and gracefully as they should be danced. Traditionally the Highland dances were performed by the men and the National dances were danced by the women. Highland dancing is far more enjoyable for the spectator if something is known of the history of the dance, the fine points to watch for, and how the dancers are judged on their performance.


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