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Dancers in the News 3

The fling’s the thing: Abby is looking forward to taking part in the Anzac Day march. Picture: Jane Dyson

CHIEF Petty Officer Adam Gillon-Smith has marched in Anzac Day parades before but this year’s event will hold special significance. Joining him will be his daughter, Abby. The 3-year-old watched last year as her father marched and said: ”I want to march with daddy.” She will don her highland dancing kilt for the occasion as she accompanies her father. ”We’ll be very proud this year,” Mr Gillon-Smith said. Abby has been doing highland dancing for a year and especially enjoys performing for audiences. Abby’s mum, Tracey, migrated from Scotland; both of Abby’s great-grandfathers fought in World War II. ”It is a way of remembering them,” Mrs Gillon-Smith said. The family will attempt to attend the dawn service but said it was difficult with Abby and her younger brother, Alexander. ”We hope Alexander will join Abby as well next year and we can make this a family tradition,” Mrs Gillon-Smith said.

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